Payment Information

Pay in Full with Credit Card
Complete the registration process online and pay with your credit card. It's quick, easy, and secure.

Special Considerations
For those with one of the following:
- Scholarship Waiver
- Team Manager
- Special Consideration
Click special consideration link below for more information:

Welcome to the Athletic/Activity Registration and Payment Website

On this site, you will be able to complete the Minnesota State High School League forms, find additional activity documents, and pay school activity/athletic fees. Press the button to begin.

How to Login to Your Student's Account

*NOTE: If you logged in for Fall registration, we have since changed the login credentials. Please read below to ensure you are logging in correctly. If you use the "Forgotten Password" option, your password will be reset and will NOT be your student's date of birth. Refer to the email received during the Forgotten Password process for your new temporary password.

We have already created a Student Account Profile for you. Your temporary login credentials are:

Login Name= Student ID Number (6 digit student id number).
Password =  Student's date of birth (6 digit format, no dashes).
As an example a birth date of May 1, 2000 would have a default password of 050100. 

Note: the above login is your INITIAL login only. Once logged in, you will have the opportunity to change your password.

Once logged in to a student, you will have access to all other students in your family. You do not have to log out and log back in for each student to register each student in your family.